Hayley Beullens

Enter I Do Digital.

We formed I Do Digital to empower small businesses and startups – particularly those with women at the helm – to build, optimise and market their own businesses online.

With time a rarity, and practicality a necessity, I Do Digital serves up eCourses with a difference. Combining smart technical fixes with marketing know-how I Do Digital skips the high-level BS and shares actionable steps that fit with your everyday business processes. We get it. You have a business to run. Rather than laborious, boring tutorials our bite-sized instructional videos are easily digested on the fly – and pack some personality.

We’re are on a mission to not just share our knowledge, but to also encourage savvy female entrepreneurs to let go of the need to be perfect and just get it done. Our online learning comes complete with a hugely supportive community of advice-givers. You won’t find polished scripts we’re all about being authentic with real-life examples and serve up stripped-back, yet meaningful content to help you dominate online.


is an experienced WordPress developer with her own web design business, sister-company, We Do Digital, where she’s built beautiful websites for countless delighted SMEs. She’s set up two successful babywear websites, Max + Ollie and Petit Bamboo that satisfied gaps in the market. Hayley is mad about healthy living (but can be bribed with wine).