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A little bit about Hayley
I thought I was happy in my job, I thought I was doing well. Until I was literally hired one day and fired the next (well, not literally, but it’s what it felt like). Not exactly the best news when you’re 8 months pregnant!

But I picked myself up off the meeting room floor, took myself home, cried, maybe cried some more, and then decided it was time to get creative.

From the depths of despair my online baby store, Petit Bamboo, was born. Was this the best moment of my life working life? Yes! Because it took me out of my comfort zone and forced me to start something that was better for me, my family and my finances.

I built Petit Bamboo into a wildly successful online business, which I sold last year for a nice profit.

Along the way, I gave birth to a very premature baby, born at 30 weeks when my waters broke while on a ferry from Palm Beach to Ettalong! I spent the long hours in hospital over three months designing and creating my next business. I learnt that through adversity comes magic through sheer determination and using tragic circumstances as a driver to move forward to brighter days.
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Along the way I learnt so much about setting-up an online business, website design and online marketing, that I went on to become founder of successful digital boutique business ‘We Do Digital’.

I also realised that I had a lot of knowledge to share, so I also co-founded the ‘The Digital School’. I went from learning about digital marketing to teaching others how to do it for themselves.

This is what inspired me to take a more active role in helping others set-up their own successful online businesses. And from this place of inspiration, Business Boxed was launched.

I know first-hand that it’s possible to have a booming online business. To make it on your own. To not have to juggle part-time hours with the kids and feel as though it’s worth it. I have built multiple 6-figure businesses since being fired from my job and going through a traumatic experience such as having a premature sick baby. Success can happen, if you just put one foot in front of the other.
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