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I found Hayley’s teaching style was so easy to follow. I had a real standstill with my theme and she helped me overcome it.

Jacki Hartman

I had a win yesterday. Several weeks ago I started trying to reduce my site loading speed time thanks to the advice of Hayley. Load speed in country went from over 6 sec to under 2 sec. Speed from international countries come down from of 14 sec to under 6 secs. Yesterday we received 4 orders, the most we have ever seen in 1 day. Thanks Hayley Beullens

Sam Safar

Hayley understands the need for things to look good and still be highly functional which is incredibly important in my business! I’ve asked for Hayleys help numerous times and her ideas have always been well thought through, rather than just ‘doing the job that was asked’. I regularly recommend others to work with Hayley and feel so much relief that I can call on her as required during incredibly busy days

Christy Laurence, Plann

Starting your own business is exciting and scary. There is so much to do and learn. When it came time to think about website options, I had no idea where to start. Did I even need one? Then along came Hayley who explained to me the importance of having your own website. Her clear reasoning helped me decide to work with her. Fast forward to today and I am the proud owner of my own website built by Hayley and her team. People tell me on a daily basis they love the design and layout. Thank you Hayley for helping make my dream a reality. The only way is up from here.

Lisa-Marie Kerr, Bear and Sparrow

I love the easy to follow training videos and weekly huddles where I could discuss any concerns or ask questions to help me with online store.

Tamie Wong

I took Google Domination course and really enjoyed it! My website rankings have gone up and I’m still using the tools she’s shared to continually monitor any changes. My favourite part was the live Q&A sessions she hosted. It was great being able to ask questions and work through any points that I got stuck on!

Fairina Cheng

I love the easy to follow training videos and weekly huddles where I could discuss any concerns or ask questions to help me with online store.

Tamie Wong

The Google Domination SEO e-course was a game-changer for me. I learnt stacks of valuable information to optimise my website that I would never have discovered on my own, and Hayley friendly delivery and personal feedback in the weekly huddles made it a really enjoyable six weeks. This course is essential for all small-business owners.

Penny Carroll

OMG. I loved working with Hayley, she made it all make sense and for a tech phobic like me she was an angel. Thank you, Hayley. Thank god I found you!

Sue Moses

I recently took part in the Google Domination course – it’s by a very long mile the best online course I have ever participated in. Hayley’s hard work really showed in the materials, their knowledge is exceptional and teaching methods superb. Plus I really like how interactive the Facebook group is and I’ve always felt comfortable asking questions in there. My business has gone a little crazy and I haven’t been able to finish the course just yet but I know that Hayley will be there when I pick back up.

Joni Marcelis

You don’t know what you don’t know….until you do this course”. Wow! Our eyes have been opened to so many behind the scenes workings of websites and the inner sanctum of Google land. Karina showed us free tools to help us analyse our website performance and made it really easy to understand and follow. The style of delivery is on point and inclusive, and the weekly “huddles” are fun and filled with information that you can take away and put into practice. We would recommend this course to anyone starting out or if you are feeling like you are in a holding pattern.

Alison Jeff Galle Cook

My online store has grown from selling one product a month to five figures per week! I am so thrilled to have done the Grow and Scale your Online course because the learnings, tools and strategies has been a total gamechanger for me. I wish I had done it sooner. Work with Hayley, you won’t regret it!

Sarah Deyian

We’ve done a few shows to date – AGHA, One Fine Baby, Reed, and I’m actually off to Las Vegas next month for ABC Kids. The brand fits in really nicely with our current wholesale network, and our supplier has been amazing to work with thus far. I’m keeping him very busy

Caroline, Petit Bamboo


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